Procedures, Fees & Photos

The following are the most common facial aesthetic procedures that we perform for patients, along with a brief description and a fee range. Our fees are based on what we consider to be a fair fee range for the procedure, the degree of surgical difficulty for the individual patient and the time involved.

A Facility Fee is separately charged by the Grand Surgical & Heart Center and includes the facility, the pre surgical preparation, the surgery suite, supplies and equipment required, personnel and recovery room. An estimated facility fee will be given when the surgery is scheduled.

An Anesthesiologist Fee is separately charged. An estimated Anesthesiologist Fee will be given when the surgery is scheduled.

The Faculty Fee and Anesthesiologist Fee is based on time in and time out of the surgery suite. ┬áThis time is typically 1 – 1.5 hours more than the time of surgery.

A pre surgical history and physical exam, laboratory studies and EKG within 30 days of the surgery date is often required and this fee is the responsibility of the patient.

We have a financing plan available. We no longer accept credit cards.

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Examination and Consultation

Permission has been granted by each patient to display their before and after photos. Photos are unretouched.

More information and images can be seen at cosmetic surgery articles, information and examples.