Post Surgery

Post Surgery Course

One important factor for most patients is how long after surgery they will be discolored and swollen. This varies with the procedure or procedures performed and with each individual patient.
Most of the very noticeable discoloration and swelling is gone in 14-16 days with almost all procedures. This can vary from 3 days after surgery to 21 days or more after the surgery. Some minor swelling (rhinoplasty, augmentation procedures) may last for months.
This is usually not perceivable by most people. Some minor discoloration (pink after laser skin resurfacing) may last for months. Usually minor discoloration is easily camouflaged by make-up (males also) after 10-12 days after the procedure.A good rule of thumb is to expect swelling and some discoloration for 2-3 weeks after any facial aesthetic surgery, whether it is one procedure or multiple procedures.
To view a post surgery (multiple procedures) patient, see below.
The following illustrates an example of the typical post operative course of a patient from California who had an Endoscopic Browlift, an Extended Multiplanar Multivector Facelift and a Cervicoplasty (Necklift) on June 29, 2004. Often the swelling and bruising is greater than what is exhibited by this patient.exam1